Relative age dating of geologic cross sections

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The technologies developed in the s and s also permitted more detailed mapping of the ocean floor and continental margins. A much better fit between the rifted continents is apparent when the shape of the continental slope is used instead of the continent's shoreline. Detailed mapping of distinctive rock units that extend out to sea along the South American and African coasts and North American and British coasts has shown that they would converge perfectly if the continents could be fitted together. Sea floor spreading. In the s, geologist Harry Hess proposed that the sea floor was moving outward from the midoceanic ridges. His theory of sea floor spreading maintained that new basaltic oceanic crust forms at a midoceanic ridge and is slowly pushed away on both sides toward the continents as more new crust is produced.

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A geological formation , or formation , is a body of rock having a consistent set of physical characteristics lithology that distinguish it from adjacent bodies of rock, and which occupies a particular position in the layers of rock exposed in a geographical region the stratigraphic column. It is the fundamental unit of lithostratigraphy , the study of strata or rock layers. A formation must be large enough that it can be mapped at the surface or traced in the subsurface. Formations are otherwise not defined by the thickness of their rock strata, which can vary widely.

Geologic Age Dating Explained

Plate tectonics is the grand unifying theory in geology. It gets that title because many topics in geology can be explained, in some way, by the movement of tectonic plates. Together they are called the lithosphere.
Wikipedia: Origin of water on Earth. The soft bodies of worms would not have been preserved as fossils - See Darwin on worms - but traces of sea worms are found in Cambrian rocks. Giovanni Arduino divided geologic time into Primary , Secondary , and Tertiary. Jules Desnoyers added the term Quaternary.

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